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Reclaim your time, energy and attention on a transformative journey. This insightful guide equips you with practical strategies and powerful tools to declutter your mind, prioritize goals, and navigate life with clarity and purpose.

Mission Next Book


An Inspirational Story. We’ve identified and interviewed more than 85 veterans who parlayed their military training into civilian success, and became business owners and entrepreneurial thought-leaders. In our book, these inspiring individuals share their how their experience in the military helped them to start and grow impressive businesses.

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Funding Your Bigger Future Book


There are steps you can take, no matter where you are financially, to take control of your future. The key is to follow this step-by-step game plan to Funding Your Bigger Future. This book is the compass you need for your personal “Financial Freedom” day.

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Shark Talk Book


If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank on TV and dreamed about launching your own business and finding sharks (venture capitalists) to fund it, then look no further. Shark Talk walks readers step-by-step through everything they need to know, including: how to prepare to be on the show, mistakes not to make, secrets to negotiating with the sharks, and more.

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