My eldest son has always possessed the business gene, just like me. “Hey Popi!” he would exclaim, with yet another business idea or question to follow. It became a common occurrence, so much so that I was constantly sending him links to different websites, blogs or books that could answer whatever questions he had come up with. In doing so, there were a few things that I discovered: one being that my son was reading every link or book and watching each video that I sent him, but because of the overwhelming amount of information, was taking no further actions. As a solution, I decided to release strategic and targeted information only after he had completed actionable steps based on what had been previously sent.

He launched his first business (a t-shirt company) with a friend at age 15. That it was not very successful was of little consequence, as the experience and lessons learned were indispensable.

During this time I began teaching an entrepreneurial class to a dozen of his friends who had taken interest in his new business. I found that my system of teaching them a new concept and then sending them off to put these concepts to use between weekly classes was wildly successful. After leading three classes I discovered a way to leverage my time and began sending emails to my son and his friends, guiding them through the lessons I would have been teaching them in class. That was seven years ago. Today, I now have a complete entrepreneurial program designed for the military, called American Dream U.

I have now furthered the concept of Hey Popi to include weekly meetup groups, where entrepreneurial-minded individuals can get together, share ideas and collaborate. As Napoleon Hill says, “when two or more minds get together, great things can happen.”

Hey Popi is completely free, and takes the world’s best entrepreneurial information, organizes it and puts it in a specific order, complete with actionable steps. I really believe that with all of the information out there from some of the most brilliant minds, a plan that disseminates and organizes that information in a collaborative group atmosphere, will prove invaluable. Yes, I am challenging universities to outdo our Hey Popi students.

Please go to the website, enter your first name and email address, and you will begin receiving very targeted information to help you get your idea into the world, today!